The Animal Clinic of North Topeka is committed to providing the best care for your pet.  We offer diagnostics for both preventative care and for injury or illness. We are equipped to provide bloodwork, digital radiographs, and ultrasound imaging to help us make sure your pet is healthy and happy.

Laboratory Testing

Our experienced technicians are trained to use a variety of tests including complete blood counts (CBC), chemistry panels and urinalysis. During sick and emergency situations we can utilize our comprehensive in-house laboratory to provide critical results in under 30 minutes. We recommend performing lab work before procedures that require anesthesia to make sure your pet is safe. We believe that preventative care screenings are extremely important for early detection of health issues. We also use monitoring profiles for our patients who have been prescribed long term use of prescription medications.


Our digital radiology equipment provides high-quality images allowing our veterinarians to evaluate your pet’s internal structures including skeletal structure, organs, and soft tissues. Many of our radiographs are reviewed by veterinary radiologists at Tallgrass Veterinary Imaging.  We also provide dental radiology during all dental cleanings.

Ultrasound Services

Dr. John Neeck has completed a Soft Tissue Imaging Certification at the Sound Academy of Veterinary Imaging. He is one of the few veterinarians in Topeka certified in ultrasound imaging.

Dr. Neeck performs a full range of abdominal and non-cardiac thoracic ultrasounds, as well as cervical ultrasounds for neck and thyroid problems. We offer ultrasound as an advanced imaging technique to evaluate a patient’s internal organs, detect abnormal fluid and tumors, and confirm and monitor pregnancy. This process is a pain-free and noninvasive procedure that can be used in conjunction with radiographs and testing to ensure a proper diagnosis of your pet.