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Animal Clinic of North Topeka P.A. provides wellness exams, dental services, grooming, on-site radiology & ultrasound, care for ill & injured pets

Animal Clinic of North Topeka P.A. is a full-service animal hospital with a dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled team of employees. Our experience, combined with state-of-the-art medical technology, allows us to provide your pet with the highest standard of care.

Services Offered by the Animal Clinic of North Topeka

No matter what your pet’s needs may be, our Topeka animal hospital is here to help. From regular wellness exams to more extensive veterinary services, we handle it all right here in our conveniently located office.

Pet Health and Wellness

Prevention is key when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness, which is why we encourage pet owners to come in at least annually for comprehensive pet wellness exams. During these exams, we look at your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, skin, coat, joints, and weight. We listen to the heart and breathing. We also recommend bloodwork as your pet ages in order to make sure your pet is in good overall health and identify potential signs of beginning medical issues. The annual pet exam is the best time to

Complete Dental Services

Believe it or not, your pet’s dental health can play a huge role in its overall physical health. For instance, gum disease in pets has been linked to heart problems. For this reason, we recommend regular dental cleanings, as well as taking the time to brush your pet’s teeth at home whenever possible. At our office, we offer digital dental x-rays, ultrasonic cleanings, extractions, and a number of other dental services to keep your pet’s mouth healthy.

Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities

We have a state of the art laboratory on site and can get results for most blood analysis in less than one hour. We use digital radiology (X-rays) right here in our office for the most accurate and detailed results. We also have the capability of taking digital dental X-rays to evaluate diseases under your pet’s gum-line.  Additionally, we utilize ultrasound technology to painlessly examine internal organs. These advanced diagnostic capabilities will help us to evaluate your pet’s ongoing health as well as allow us to take outstanding care of your pet when they are ill or injured.

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