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Bringing your pet in to the veterinarian for wellness exams is an important part of caring for your pet. Pets need to see the veterinarian regularly throughout their life. Preventative care can help your pet’s veterinarian catch medical conditions in their early stages and can also ensure that your pet is getting the right care at home and at the animal clinic.

Importance of Wellness Exams

There are many benefits of wellness exams, including:

  • Disease prevention. The focus of most wellness exams is prevention. During the exam, our veterinarians will make recommendations for disease prevention, vaccinations, spay and neuter information, and pet nutrition.
  • Early detection. During wellness exams, we may recommend blood work to catch medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiac problems and more. This early detection enables us to make treatment recommendations before the condition becomes advanced.
  • Improve the relationship between pet and veterinarian. Many pets get anxious when it’s time to go to the veterinarian, but bringing your pet to the vet on a regular basis can help ensure that your pet feels more comfortable and relaxed at the animal hospital. Our staff has been trained to use Fear Free techniques to make sure you pet has a happy visit.
  • Consultation. Wellness exams give pet owners the perfect opportunity to ask veterinarians questions about the care of their pet.

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