The staff at The Animal Clinic of North Topeka is our greatest asset. Everyone at ACNT is dedicated to helping pet owners understand about their pet and preventive health care maintenance. All staff at ACNT are pet owners, pet lovers, and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for the pet and their owners. Continual training and monthly staff meetings keep the staff focused on client service, updates in medicine and diagnostics and new products. The staff is continually challenging themselves and other team members to improve daily procedures, quality of care, record keeping and devotion to animal comfort and well-being.


Customer Service Team


All of our Customer Service Specialists began working here as Veterinary Technicians before shifting to our Customer Service Team. They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of veterinary medicine and are happy to answer your questions when you call or visit us.

Veterinary Technicians

Our technicians provide primary patient care as well as medical, surgical, anesthetic and diagnostic assistance to our veterinarians. They are extremely knowledgeable and are able to assist our doctors in providing a significant amount of education to our clients.

Our Customer Service Specialists



Layla and Weston

Karah & Jen

Talk to our staff!

We have many experts on our team! Our staff has specialized training to help you with many questions you might have.  If you have questions about pet training, special diets, or even medical questions, our friendly staff would love to help you! We can even demonstrate how to give your pet medicines or take their temperature. Call us and ask to talk to one of our Veterinary Assistants! They are here to help you!

One of our highest priorities is to have experienced technicians who also share your love for animals!