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Animal Clinic of North Topeka Offers Dog Training

At the Animal Clinic of North Topeka, your pet is always our priority. When you visit our animal clinic, you’ll always get care for your pet’s needs. While we are happy to provide exams and injury care, we also know the importance of ensuring your pet is properly behaved both of his or her good and for the support you need as a pet owner. That’s why we offer dog training. We welcome you to talk to our vet about your dog training needs and learn just how beneficial they can be.

Meet Our Dog Trainer

Our dog trainer is Melanie Smith. She grew up in California and studied dog training because of her passion for understanding how animal’s minds work. She is a Certified Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer and readily available to work with your pet. She believes in promoting positive behavior. We do this through positive reinforcement. As an animal lover herself, Melanie has owned numerous breeds in her lifetime including the Australian Cattle Dog, American Pit Bulls, and many others. She understands each breed needs a specific type of care and attention.

Melanie has been training dogs reliably since 2002. As a trusted dog trainer, you can talk to her about any areas of concern you may have. She is available for behavior questions during annual wellness exams. She’s happy to offer advice to help you address any pet issues you are having.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with our dog trainer that fits your needs. She offers four levels of training. This is done in group lessons and classes. We offer evening and weekend programs. All are conducted right in our offices.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Training: What Our Veterinarians Want You to Know

When you visit our veterinarian and discuss any behavior issues your pet may be having, we’ll often recommend training programs. There are many benefits of these programs including:

  • Reduce the risk that your pet will be hurt or even die due to escaping or not listening to you and finding themselves in a life-threatening situation.
  • You’ll be able to gain the confidence to take your pet with you more often.
  • You’ll create a stronger bond between yourself and your pet.
  • You’ll better understand your dog and his or her needs and desires.
  • You and your pet will enjoy a better quality of life with behavior training and behavior correction.

Whether you believe your pet needs behavior correction at this point or he or she just needs training as a young dog, we can help you.

Schedule Dog Training Today!

For dog training, simply call our offices to learn more about the options available to you. Topeka dog training happens in our offices, making it very easy for you and your pet to get the attention necessary. Call (785) 357-5188 for an appointment.

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