Pet Grooming

Animal Clinic of North Topeka offers professional grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats. In a friendly, safe, clean environment, your pet will enjoy being pampered, shampooed and thoroughly groomed by our experienced groomer, Hannah Erickson. Your pet will get his hair trimmed, his nails trimmed, ears cleaned and anal glands expressed, if necessary. While your pet groomer is primping your pet, she will also look for any hidden health issues affecting the animal's skin, coat, eyes, ears and paws. In addition to using safe, effective grooming utensils, our groomer knows how to calm and soothe a nervous pet during a grooming session so your pet feels special and secure as he gets shampooed, trimmed and clipped.

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Benefits of Pet Grooming

Our veterinarians want pet owners to know that dogs and cats who are not groomed regularly may be vulnerable to suffering heat exhaustion in warm weather, parasitic infestations, ear infections, skin infections and paw pain or deformity caused by overly long nails.

Not only do pets feel energized and refreshed after a grooming session. Pet grooming services help decrease shedding by removing dead fur and stimulating skin oil production. This promotes growth of new, healthy fur that is less prone to dryness and falling out. When our groomer shampoos your pet with special moisturizing shampoo, massages your pet's skin and brushes his fur until it shines, she is also encouraging the flow of oxygenated blood throughout your pet's body to enhance his overall health and well-being.

Dog grooming involves trimming hair around the face to reduce the risk of stray hairs irritating eyes and causing infection when longer hairs transfer debris and bacteria into the dog's eyes. Getting your dog's ears cleaned every few months by our experienced pet groomer prevents earwax from blocking the eardrum. In addition, the canine ear is the ideal environment for supporting growth of bacterial or fungal infections to occur--warm, dark, moist and inaccessible by your dog's paw.

Cat grooming includes the same treatments enjoyed by dogs. All grooming sessions consist of a moisturizing shampoo, professional ear cleaning, nail trim and a stylized clip following your specifications.  Feel free to speak to Hannah about your pet's grooming needs and what you expect from our grooming services. 

Our veterinarian will also be happy to talk to you about following grooming options:

  • Breed specific grooming
  • Summer cuts
  • Lion cut for cats
  • Advantages of an oatmeal bath
  • Flea treatments
  • Matt trimming
  • Puppy grooms
  • Low-stress sedation for cats (your vet can explain why this may be needed for some cats needing groomed)

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 Animal Clinic of North Topeka P.A. is a full-service veterinary clinic dedicated to caring for pets throughout all their life stages. To schedule a grooming appointment or talk to your vet, please call (785) 357-5188.

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